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project car?

 so, my uncle bought a truck for $300 a couple weeks and he is scrapping the whole thing but the frame...he told me last week i could have the transmission and i asked today for the engine...he told me to pull it out and take it!!! so now im at a fork in the road...i can build a truck or a car, but i want to build something that i can make a good amount of money off of....so ive been looking at camaros,novas, chevelles and monte carlos...they have really good values acording to nadaguides.com but i need the car soon so i can start working on the body and everything else that needs to be done...so anyways im just trying to decide which of these cars i wanna build...the engine is a 350, and im probably gonna build it up to be pretty beastly..anyways just looking for thoughts and suggestions, thanks
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