Sean (misenthrope) wrote in american_muscle,

Looking for customization stories.

whats up grease monkeys. tell me your stories. I wat to hear about the stuff that you have had done, things your friends had done, and all that shi* that you heard about. I'm interested in details though. what exactly was done to the best of your knowledge. What was the ride? What was done? Was it good work? Did you do it yourself or did you pay someone else to do it for you? What did you spend? Do you think you got a deal or face planted over the rear bumper and introduced to Shaft? I want to know everything. Here's why. I am a customizer. Hot rods, lead sleds and custom jobs on new shit too. A guy wants lambo hinges on a mid 80's capris. (yeah I dunno but thats what he wants) Stories give me ideas. I have never been much of a poster on LJ, more of a voyur but that will change soon. A buddy of mine has a shop that he got into a few months back and he is doing mainly paint work. Custom and nice earl schrive's but he doesn't really have any fabrication experience and jack shit for auto mechanical knowledge. he wont even pull the engine out of a 59 chevy pick em up (thats a 30 min job) thats where I come in. I have been a fabricator for years, most recently at a stainless steel shop (huge microwaves, two ton of bacon per hour, and the machines that make drugs, asprin exct.) So yeah tell me your stories and later Ill show you mine.
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